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Christian Hope (1)

Hope lies at the foundation of all human life.  It drives the wooer in his courtship, the athlete in pounding the roads at unearthly hours in the morning, and the... Read more about 'Christian Hope (1)'...

The virus: can we cope with what we can't eradicate?

The most sombre fact to emerge from yesterday’s Coronavirus briefing was that the virus is never going to go away.  It is here to stay and, looked at steadily, and in... Read more about 'The virus: can we cope with what we can't eradicate?'...

Easter: Holy Day or holiday?

If, with half the world, you worship The Great Outdoors, then a normal Easter would mean that after his (or her) long winter sleep your god has come alive again. ... Read more about 'Easter: Holy Day or holiday?'...

Online Communion Services?

A couple of days ago, a distinguished colleague ran past me a question which someone had put to him.  Now that the church is delivering just about everything online, should... Read more about 'Online Communion Services?'...

The paraclete, God the Father

The coronavirus: can any words help?

The coronavirus had one huge advantage: the element of surprise.  It gave no advance warning, no early danger-signs, not even a gradual evolution.  One mutation, and suddenly it was there,... Read more about 'The coronavirus: can any words help?'...

Holy Spirit, breath of God (5): ‘proceeding from the Father and the Son’

Holy Spirit, breath of God (4): worshipping the Spirit

Holy Spirit, breath of God (3): 'the same in substance' with the Father and the Son?

Holy Spirit: breath of God (2)

The first posting set out to show that according to Scripture the Holy Spirit is not only a person, but a person distinct from both the Father and the Son.  But... Read more about 'Holy Spirit: breath of God (2)'...

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