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The paraclete, God the Father

The coronavirus: can any words help?

The coronavirus had one huge advantage: the element of surprise.  It gave no advance warning, no early danger-signs, not even a gradual evolution.  One mutation, and suddenly it was there,... Read more about 'The coronavirus: can any words help?'...

Holy Spirit, breath of God (5): ‘proceeding from the Father and the Son’

Holy Spirit, breath of God (4): worshipping the Spirit

Holy Spirit, breath of God (3): 'the same in substance' with the Father and the Son?

Holy Spirit: breath of God (2)

The first posting set out to show that according to Scripture the Holy Spirit is not only a person, but a person distinct from both the Father and the Son.  But... Read more about 'Holy Spirit: breath of God (2)'...

Holy Spirit, breath of God (1)

Whenever we begin to reflect on the Holy Spirit there is a strong temptation to rush at once into a discussion of what he does, without pausing to consider, first... Read more about 'Holy Spirit, breath of God (1)'...

Calvinism and economics

Any discussion of the influence of Calvinism on economics immediately faces the challenge of the thesis propounded by Max Weber in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.[i]  The... Read more about 'Calvinism and economics'...

Does God have feelings?

Does God have feelings?  The traditional Christian doctrine of Divine Impassibility answered with a resounding, ‘No!  God’s life is marked by calm, unmoved tranquillity.  Not only is he beyond the... Read more about 'Does God have feelings?'...

The Crook in the Lot

Thomas Boston is no longer a household name even in Scotland’s Christian families, and even those who have heard of him will know him only as the author of one... Read more about 'The Crook in the Lot'...

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