Archive: September, 2013

Island Spirituality

Three months have passed since Alastair McIntosh, by nature a generous spirit, sent me a copy of his most recent book, ‘Island Spirituality’, suggesting I might review it.  I read it, and decided I couldn’t.  Our views are diametrically opposed and had I been honest there would have been blood on the carpet.  This was a New Age critique of Calvinism, repeating all the standard anti-Calvinist clichés while at the same creating the illusion of first-hand research by presenting a handful of selective quotations from one or two of the fifty-eight volumes which have come down to us from the Genevan Reformer.  If future scholars adopt a similar procedure they will have no difficulty showing that I disapprove of Sgiathanchs; and that would be, at best, but a half-truth.

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Romance at the Carloway Show

Last year’s Carloway Show was a washout.  This year’s was bathed in sunshine, and that, added to the prospect of meeting people you hadn’t seen for years, plus the delights of burgers and candy-floss, was enough to attract some 2,000 visitors to what is now the best window on crofting in the Western Isles.

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